22. July 2019
Developing sustainable trails: CycloCross/Mountain Bike Trails in the Outer Hebrides
11. July 2019
Cyclists and walkers passing or visiting Aline Community Woodland, are invited to use the shelter HebShuttle placed on the parking area close to the main road.
23. March 2019
Winner in the business start-up category is HebShuttle, a cycle tour and transfer operator based in Stornoway and Benbecula.
23. July 2018
What is your favourite island in the Outer Hebrides? A question Jonny and I often ask our customers when we transfer them up and down the Outer Hebrides, just to get some reactions. It is great to hear why people prefer one island over the others. What is even more interesting I think, is that if you ask enough people and we have been bike-taxi-ing quite a lot of people this season already, every island gets mentioned. Every island has got something that a number of visitors point out makes it...
04. June 2018
..a new speed record and all possible in the Outer Hebrides. Despite the remoteness, the Outer Hebrides brings people together from all over the world. Last week during one of our bike transfers in Uist, I met a cyclist who is from Perth Scotland. He just took a few days off from work to cycle and camp enjoying the spell of nice weather currently in the north west. Yarning, as you do, I learned that our ways have actually crossed before in Greenock many years ago. A very small world, we both...
11. May 2018
We operate under a private hire license which allows us to transfer the cyclist as well as their bikes. This means that we spend time with riders doing the Hebridean Way when they arrive to take them to their starting destination mostly Vatersay on Barra and return transfers from the Butt of Lewis and onwards to any of the ferry or airports for their return trip. It is a great opportunity to listen to the expectations of the cycle trip and afterwards the experience. I am always looking out for...
29. March 2018
The missing link which will make your Hebridean Way Cycle trip complete.
23. March 2018
We were producing our risk assessment to ensure #safety of our cycling customers. We had a wee chuckle writing down be aware of otters crossing. Only in the Outer Hebrides. We take our customer’s safety very serious. Jonny, our technical director, is our bike mechanic and he ensures all bikes are receiving their regular services and repairs. But also your health, our helmets are hygienically cleaned as are the bike handles and other touch points. Cycling in the Outer Hebrides, does have its...
22. March 2018
A few weeks ago I met Malcolm from Berneray Bike Hire in a Outer Hebrides destination markting meeting. During the meeting I was inspired by the deep connection these new young entrepreneurs have with their island where they want to make their living. HebShuttle is always seeking collaboration with local business in an effort to offer a complete experience to our visitors to the island. So next week Monday, Jonny and I will be meeting Malcolm and look for ways how we can work together so our...
11. March 2018
Barra here we come! Jonny and I will be visiting Tony from Barra Bike Hire to see how we can collaborate with the aim to offer an even better experience for people wanting to do the Hebridean Way Cycle trip. We will set off tomorrow morning early to make our way to the Sound of Harris ferry, crossing from Leverburgh to Berneray. From there we pop round our current office in Balivanich on Benbecula. We hope we to announce our move to Creagorry real soon. Watch this space. We will be on the 13:00...

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