Discover a new island

What is your favourite island in the Outer Hebrides?

A question Jonny and I often ask our customers when we transfer them up and down the Outer Hebrides, just to get some reactions. It is great to hear why people prefer one island over the others. What is even more interesting I think, is that if you ask enough people and we have been bike-taxi-ing quite a lot of people this season already, every island gets mentioned.

Every island has got something that a number of visitors point out makes it their favourite. 

This weekend a ‘new’ island got mentioned: Mingulay. I say ‘new’ as it is not an island which you can reach by bicycle. It is one of the most southern island off the coast of Barra. I have seen the photos and it is absolutely stunning. The customers are exploring the Outer Hebrides by sea kayak. 

Seeing the Outer Hebrides from the perspective of a sea kayak is quite inspiring to be honest. The stories are different too as in “we were being surrounded by seals”, who apparently make a lot of noise during the night when you try to sleep.  

My favourite island? Well, this weekend taught me I haven’t seen all the isles yet, much more exploring to do!! 

Balranald, North Uist
Balranald, North Uist