From Perth, Scotland, to Perth, Australia in under an hour

..a new speed record and all possible in the Outer Hebrides.  

Despite the remoteness, the Outer Hebrides brings people together from all over the world. 

Last week during one of our bike transfers in Uist, I met a cyclist who is from Perth Scotland. He just took a few days off from work to cycle and camp enjoying the spell of nice weather currently in the north west. 

Yarning, as you do, I learned that our ways have actually crossed before in Greenock many years ago. A very small world, we both said almost at the same time. 

I enjoy the stories people tell about their cycling tour but also their lives, their other travels and interests. There is no rush. There is time to just talk and listen whilst enjoying the views over the ocean, beaches and rocky hills. 

Just an hour before we met, I met a couple who were cycling and they were from Perth too. Perth Australia that is. We are having some really sunny weather up her at the moment, but still they were both wearing a warm jacket. They told me that cycling is not a big thing where they live as it is too hot to go outside most of the time. We appeared very active here because we are out and about more. 

It was their first time in the UK and it was so interesting to hear from experiences being here from their perspective. Also I learned from life in their communities in Perth together with the indigenous people of Australia.

The cyclist from Perth, Scotland, told me he has relatives in Perth Australia and would like to go there for a motor bike ride exploring the Outback. 

Yesterday one of our customers completed the Hebridean Way with his friend, cycling it in three days. He flew in from Hong Kong. 

The Outer Hebrides is a record breaking place, connecting people from all around the world and all walks of life. And we have time and space to unwind, relax to tell and listen to the stories.