Safety First

We were producing our risk assessment to ensure #safety of our cycling customers. 

We had a wee chuckle writing down be aware of otters crossing. 

Only in the Outer Hebrides.

We take our customer’s safety very serious. Jonny, our technical director, is our bike mechanic and he ensures all bikes are receiving their regular services and repairs.
But also your health, our helmets are hygienically cleaned as are the bike handles and other touch points. 

Cycling in the Outer Hebrides, does have its own safety challenges. Not everyone is used to cycling on a single track road or sharing it with sheep, cows, deer and yes..otters!

We will give you all the instructions you need to stay safe. 

For your peace of mind, it is good to know we operate throughout the Outer Hebrides and have representation on every island. There are also bike workshops, which we will update you on, who are more than happy to help out if you would need help with the bike.